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In postwar Japan still in technological infancy, our founder,Toshio Mikiya, Representative Director and Chairman, succeeded in the development of groundbreaking Air Micrometers, which measure sizes in units of 1/1,000 millimeters and founded Nitto Kohki to manufacture and market the invention in October 1956. In the process of research and development of Air Micrometers, the company also developed quick connect couplings "CUPLA" from the need to connect fluid pipes. Mr. Mikiya also witnessed the hardship experienced by workers in processing steel materials in the field and thus developed the ATRA portable drilling machine, which incorporates an electromagnet.

The root of the technology of Nitto Kohki that has successively developed unique products ahead of times goes back nearly 150 years or to 1864. Ancestors of the founder then manufactured various craft hardware with many contrivances and large locks for warehouses in addition to swordsmithing, which was the family business. In the Meiji and Taisho Eras, the Mikiya family invented many patented products in succession such as Okiya threshing machines, front-wheeldriven bicycles, and carbide lamps.

Such a DNA of manufacturing has steadily been succeeded from the founder, Toshio Mikiya to employees of Nitto Kohki, and with hydraulic engineering and mechanical engineering as the core technologies the company has explored new horizons of energy and labor saving equipment. We consider manufacturing high quality and highly functional products are essential for sustainable development and ongoing social contribution in the future.